General Gardening

  • Garden: Quick Tips for a Healthy & More Ecological Garden: Includes garden information basics, covering topics from site selection to soil to varieties. Click on the links to be brought to pages with more details. You’ll find an extensive amount of gardening information by exploring Cornell’s garden webpages! Cornell University, 2011
  • Growing Your Own: Good introduction to gardening in Oregon. Includes basics about setting up a garden, choosing varieties and planting times, soil building, and pest management. Oregon State University Extension, 2011
  • Intensive Gardening Techniques: Good introduction to beginning intensive gardening–a type of gardening that focuses on high production from a small space. This guide also provides a chart of intensive plant spacings, useful for gardeners just introduced to this concept who may not be able to visualize what these close spacings should look like. Alex Niemiera, Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • 10 Minute University-The Fun of Know, Sow, Grow: This webpage has links to many short tutorials about various aspects of growing vegetables in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon Master Gardener Association and Oregon State University Extension, 2012
  • Raised Bed Gardening by D. Hatch: Very basic introduction to building raised beds for home gardeners. Oregon State University Extension, 2002
  • Short Season Vegetable Gardening: Brief guide for Maritime Northwest gardeners who experience shortened growing seasons due to early and late season rains. This guide provides tips to make the most of a short summer, extending the season with plant covers, short season cultivars, and garden site selection. Jo Ann Robbins and Wm. Michael Colt, Pacific Northwest Extension, 2000
  • Sunset Climate Zones: Western Oregon: Climate zones are more specific than the general hardiness zones published by the USDA. Using this map to find your climate zone will help in selecting the best varieties for your garden. Sunset, 2012
  • USDA Hardiness Zone Finder: This search allows you to find the hardiness zone for your garden, which will help when choosing varieties to grow. For a more detailed description of your garden climate, we recommend also determining your garden’s climate zone. National Gardening Association, 2012
  • Vegetable Gardening in Oregon: Great overview of soil warming techniques, suggested planting times and cultivars for various regions in Oregon, and suggested planting amounts for a family of four. J.R. Bagget, Deborah Kean, Dan Sullivan, Alex Stone, and Jim Myers, Oregon State University Extension, 2005

Season Extension



  • Clean, Sharp Tools Work Better: Good introduction to tool care, including removing rust, sharpening, and oiling. Ken Textor Fine Gardening
  • Garden Tool Articles: Several articles describing different types of tools and which varieties work best in different situations. Garden Tool Co., 2012
  • Tools and Equipment: Good introduction to different types of tools, their uses, and basic tool care. Organic Gardening, 2011