Partner gardens


We partner with other organizations to create more gardens in East Portland.

Community gardening space is in high demand in East Portland, and more community gardens are needed to meet the needs of the city’s most ethnically diverse and highest poverty neighborhoods. Five community gardens constructed in East Portland in the past three years quickly filled to capacity and now have waiting lists. Planning and partnership building is needed to create additional community gardens.

Grow Portland is a nonprofit leader in constructing and managing community gardens that serve families with limited incomes. We have a successful track record and have proven methods to build and maintain productive urban gardens. Since our founding in 2010, we built or supported the construction of seven community gardens, six of them in East Portland and East County—we have demonstrated our skills and commitment to serving this area of our city.

City of Portland Community Gardens Partnership

East Portland has over 140,000 residents and just 14 community gardens managed by the City of Portland—a ratio of approximately 10,000 East Portland residents for every City of Portland garden. To bring five new gardens to East Portland in the next five years, we are partnering with the City of Portland Community Gardens Program to help plan and fund five new community garden projects. 

We completed an assessment of 90 properties owned by the City or school districts for the potential use as community gardens in East Portland. This work is supported by funding through the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District. The final report, Planning for Community Garden Expansion in East Portland is available here.  

Outgrowing Hunger Partnership

We work closely with the nonprofit, Outgrowing Hunger, on community garden construction. We led the construction of the 139th Avenue Garden, north of Stark Street, and the 2.5 acre Neighborhoods Community Garden, the largest community garden in Portland. We also sponsored the construction of the 150th Avenue Community Garden, a project of Outgrowing Hunger, located on City of Portland Parks land. These three gardens are managed and enrolled by Outgrowing Hunger. Together, we have developed 4.5 acres of garden space with Outgrowing Hunger.