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Grow Portland empowers people to grow healthy food.

Grow Portland is a nonprofit organization that uses garden programming to improve people’s physical and mental health. We are dedicated to the expansion of urban gardening with a special focus on improving the lives of refugees, immigrants and people of color.

Founded in 2010, we have a proven track record building and maintaining productive garden spaces and partnerships. Grow Portland leads school garden programming at 17 public schools and developed 1o community gardens.

We have invested close to two million dollars in garden infrastructure and programming in Portland—primarily this investment has been in Portland’s most diverse and highest poverty neighborhood, East Portland. East Portland continues to be a focus of our work, and we also serve low-income public schools in North and Northeast Portland.

The focus of our goals are:

HEALTH. Increase fresh produce access, physical activity and mental well-being.

ENVIRONMENT. Grow food close to home with organic practices.

COMMUNITY. Build connections for people to support and learn from each other.

LIVABILITY. Create productive and beautiful neighborhood green spaces.

We are happy to share our annual report highlighting our accomplishments and plans ahead. Our past annual report provides additional information.

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