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Portland Earth Art & Agriculture Project Joins Grow Portland

The expanded Garden School project is the largest local school garden initiative

August 2018

We are pleased to announce exciting news for school garden education in Portland— Portland’s Earth, Art, & Agriculture Project has merged with Grow Portland. Together, our Garden School program will provide 7,000 students with high-quality, monthly garden-based education in three school districts, Portland Public, David Douglas, and West Linn-Wilsonville.

The Earth Art & Agriculture Project was founded in 2010 to offer exceptional school garden education in local public schools. Grow Portland has worked closely with the Earth Art & Agriculture Project over two years to share best practices and collaborate on fundraising.  Merging the programs together more than doubles the size of our team of skilled garden educators and school partners. Together, we now serve 16 school sites, 10 of them with SUN Community Schools. Each month, more than 7,000 students, including 4,000 students of color, will receive hands-on garden education focused on healthy eating and environmental stewardship. Our shared philosophies and practices made a merger a great fit.  We will continue to focus on serving ethnically diverse schools with high percentages of low-income families.

Grow Portland is a leader in school and community gardening with nine years of organizational experience. We expect the merger to offer increased staff capacity while at the same time, the services, program and experience will remain largely the same as in previous years. All Earth Art & Agriculture staff are joining Grow Portland, and we will have five school garden educators teaching during the school year. 

According to studies compiled by the National Gardening Association, gardening-based learning provides a range of benefits to students including increased engagement and knowledge retention in key subjects such as math, science, and reading. Students improve their knowledge of good nutrition and broaden their taste of vegetables.

Grow Portland’s Garden School is now one of the largest school garden education programs in the Pacific Northwest! Thanks for your continued interest and support in using to school garden education to foster health and learning. 

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Education Director, Djamila Moore at (917)873-5774, dmoore at growportland dot org