Garden School


Our Garden School program uses hands-on education to teach kids about eating healthy food and environmental stewardship.

It’s challenging for teachers, parents and volunteers to create a thriving garden education program alone. We create vibrant school gardens and lead 2-3 full educational days each month at our partner schools. 

According to studies compiled by the National Gardening Association, gardening-based learning increases engagement and knowledge retention in key subjects such as math, science, and reading. Students improve their knowledge of good nutrition and broaden their taste of vegetables.

By integrating school gardening into the regular day, and providing expert support, we can impact far greater numbers of students than in an after school program. We use established curriculum resources and our own lessons to link garden sessions to Next Generation Science standards.

We are committed to working with schools over the long term. Schools receive seeds, plants, soil amendments and season-extension products that we purchase for low cost in bulk. Fundraising for the program is a collaborative effort between Grow Portland and partner schools.

This school year, we are partnered with seven school locations: Chief Joseph, Rigler, Sitton, Peninsula, Faubion, West Powellhurst and Menlo Park schools where around 3,000 students and 125 teachers are participating in Garden School!  Two-thirds of our our participants are students of color and three-quarters are low income. Our expansion efforts are focused on schools with high free/reduced lunch participation in North, Northeast and East Portland.

For information, contact David Beller.