Seed Club

Our goals is to create a network of local farmers and gardeners saving and sharing seeds in a non-commercial manner.

Local seed breeding and saving is an often overlooked foundation of sustainable food production. Grow Portland is working to build a network of local seed savers focused on enhancing biodiversity and distributing locally-suitable varieties. For six seasons 2010-15, we purchased organically grown, open pollinated seeds in bulk and distributed them to local gardeners. We are now going back to the drawing board on our seed programming, and are planning a more robust and profound seed effort.

In 2016, we are reinventing our Seed Club program as a network of local seed saving and sharing. We plan to host a seed distribution event in early 2017 or 2018 featuring locally suited and saved vegetable seeds.  Please stay tuned for more details and contact us if you have ideas or input on this effort.

In 2016, we will not be offering seeds for sale– we encourage you to check out some progressive seeds companies that we use including High Mowing Organic Seeds, Wild Garden Seeds and Adaptive Seeds. Here is a variety list of seeds that we like for the Portland area. In our Garden Resource Library, we offer educational materials about seed saving and gardening practices specific to our climate.

2016 Plant Sale is in the works for Mid-May in East Portland. Stay tuned for information. We expect that this will be held again at the Lynwood Friends Church (835 SE 162nd Ave.) led by our collaborator, Project Yess, a workforce development program at Mt. Hood Community College. They distributed over 3000 plants to home, community, school and nonprofit gardeners in 2015.





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